Saturday, December 27, 2008

I finished some of my previous WIPs this week. In this case, it's a Southern Fire Support Cadre with two demolition drones, which are basically bombs on threads. These all come from the Fire Support Squad box. As soon as I'm done painting it, I'll swap the Jager for an Iguana, for better comms, better survivability and the added benefit of a Target Designator

This is the first of my Spitting Cobras. I like the pose on this guy, even though it makes it difficult for storage and transport.

Second Spitting Cobra

A Support Cobra, with both its Very Light Field Gun (on its back) and Very Heavy Autocannon (handheld). This is actually a downgrade from the basic Spitting Cobra, but I don't think it loses any of its offensive capability, except for the saturation fire capability provided by the Spit's rocket pods.


  1. Very good looking Unit ! Good color scheme I realy love your minis.

    What is the base texture?

    You should not post the pics at their real size ! it's better to watch them resized for the web.

    ( Sorry for my poor english, i come from France =] )

  2. Ne t'en fais pas pour ton Anglais, il est super...

    As for picture size, I like the fact you can see every small detail, even if that's not always flattering. Why do you think I should resize?

    For the base, I use a small piece of cork sheet on I pin the Gear on to of it to simulate a very broken ground. It's not very realistic, I know, but it's simple, it's breaks the flatness of bases, and most importantly, it gives my Gears a unified look, with is a big plus since I like to vary my color schemes. As you may guess, I am more of a collector than a player...

  3. I think that the big size of the photos may harm the perception of your work because in the real life, you don't see the mini's detail as they appear on te picture.

    I have some trouble to translate it, sorry !

    (en français, je trouve que les photos trop grandes accentuent les "défauts" de peinture qu'on ne verrait jamais a l'œil nu)

    I think the quality of the GW matt varnish is a little bit grainy no?