Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two New Gears

I was up painting until late last night and, on top of working on a few other models I have going, I got two new Gears done.

Here is the Southern Snake Eye Balck Mamba, a stealth Gear that I have here painted in urban colors. I was a bit weirded out out that the so-called "matte" varnish turned out so glossy, so I might have to fix that later on.

The companion piece to my Peacemaker Razorback is the standard Razorback with MRP and Snub Cannon. Somehow, I think the Peacemaker turned out better, so I might do more touch-ups on this one, especially after seeing it in a picture just now.


  1. Another great color sheme for the Razorback.

    What brand of varnish do you use? in spray?

  2. I use GW matte varnish in spray. I find the strange gloss very weird as I never got this result before. Do you think a brush-on sealer would dull that glow?