Monday, November 23, 2009

Three Elans and a Few New Pictures

First of all, I got some new miniatures last Friday and I started painting immediately (for once). On Sunday, I finished these three Elan ORVs. I'm also working on a platoon of Jackrabbit ATVs and another platoon of straight up infantry. The idea is to reinforce my Eastern Emirate freedom fighters army with both infantry and tanks. These guys will be part of a rapid deployment force.

Second, I reshot some pictures of my older miniatures to post the on the miniature website Coolminiornot. Here are some of the new shots.

You can view my gallery here. Don't forget to vote generously!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reports of my Death Been Greatly Exagerated

Many things have kept me busy and away from my blog in recent months: work, my lovely wife's pregnancy, and drinking, but I am not dead yet. I have just started getting back into painting after a short break, this time working on my Black Talon army (I love painting stealth Gears: they almost paint themselves) with pictures to follow (hopefully next week).

And, of course, I want to congratulate Unclean, from HeavyGear-France, who won the first edition of the painting competition they had going. I love Unclean's painting style, and I have to say his recent works (a fantastic looking Caprician army, still in-progress) came out even better than his Northern army, which was chosen as the winning entry.