Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Models

A package of brand new models from DP9 came in yesterday, as if I didn’t have enough to paint already… But hey, how could I resist?

Here are just a couple things I put together before getting on the bus to school.

First, a Python. I love this model. Sure, it’s a crap Gear. Overpriced and much less able than the Southern Spitting Cobra. But it sure as hell looks great. This one is not glued together yet. Both arms, the head and the rocket pod will be glued on later on so I can reach the inner details.

This is a Northern Weasel, a specialist EW Gear. I first resisted buying it because it’s fairly small and very specialized, but I’m glad I finally got it. I just love how it looks, with it’s elongated torso and EW platform. I wasn’t careful while cutting the parts off the sprue so I broke off the left arm at the elbow. I ended up having to put it back together with a paper clip drilled in. I actually really like the way it turned out. The extended elbow gives it a lot of character and makes it look a bit more dynamic.

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