Sunday, November 30, 2008

WIP Peacemaker Razoback

Another work in progress sitting on my table at the moment, a Peacemaker Razorback. I'm also putting together a standard Razorback in more sober colours. I have to say, with all those crisp lines, and sharp angles, this is possibly the easiest miniature to paint, yet still manages to look great.

The Razorback is an Assault Gear, but I have no idea how it actually performs in a game. It's a bit slow, and the heavier armor doesn't quite make up for how often you're going to get hit. It does have nice weapons, and the VHAC just looks awesome.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

An Almost Finished Spitting Cobra

This is a picture of an almost finished Spitting Cobra, for a Militia Fire Support Cadre. Some work remains to be done on the gun and the head, as well as adding some extra highlights, but you can get a pretty good idea of the finished mini.

This thing is truly a beast. It's massive, and it's great at projecting an impression of pure brutal force. I have been working on this bastard for about six months.

Work in Progress

A Sidewinder.

A Desert Viper (minus the arms).

A Black Adder.

These are some Gears I am working on these days. These should form another Strike Cadre, this time with Desert colours and with different Gears. You may have guessed I like to work with very a very limited palette, bordering on the monochrome. I also decided to switch to hex bases in the middle of putting these guys together. I just find that hex bases are more "Heavy Gear" than round ones.

Some Accessories for Heavy Gear Blitz!

A Defense Turret with two Heavy Autocannons.

A Defense Turret with twin Heavy Rocket Pods. Those can be placed on the terrain as defensive assets. I believe they are very easy to blow away. It must suck big time to man one of those.

This is a recon drone, very nice gadget used to peek around corners or perform forward observation from a safe distance. I am pretty sure this is the smallest mini I have ever painted. It's about 5mm across.

Militia GP Cadre and Strike Cadre

Here are some Heavy Gear Blitz! minis I put together and painted late last year. Above is a Southern Militia Strike Cadre comprising of, from left to right, a Blitz Jager, two Black Mamba, a standard Jager and another Jager with a LBZK weapon swap. Below is a GP Cadre from the same army, with four Jagers with standard loadout and, in the middle, a Command Jager with a paratrooper rifle.
I love the Heavy Gear minis since the release of the new Blitz! sculpts. They are highly posable, very dynamic, and the arms and weapons are a lot less flimsy than the previous version.