Sunday, January 10, 2010

Huns and Kodiaks

Hi there, I spent a couple days working on a pair of Hun tanks for my MilICIA army.

Hun 1

Hun 2

Back View

Huns in the Badlands

Or in the forest ;)

I also assembled these two, which are absolutely huge when compared to the other Gears in the Blitz range.

The Dark Kodiak (left) was fairly easy to put together, but the base Kodiak (right) had a large number of small parts and took me about two hours to put together. I also used over two complete paperclips to pin that monster.

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  1. I've assembled both too, and you're right on the money, the regular Kodiak is a beast, but also very rewarding. I just finished painting a Dark Kodiak, what a joy! I found the prep work took longer than usual because I took advantage of the large, uninterrupted surfaces to really file the mold lines out of existence.

    The regular Kodiak is primed, but sitting in the blister, I'm still not sure whether to convert it to a Kodiak Destroyer or not.