Monday, December 14, 2009

Some More Works in Progress

I spent some time painting this weekend. I think my technique has improved a lot over the past couple years.


  1. Salut, c'est Hudson de DP9Forum, merci pour ton post, ça fait plaisir à lire. Robert Dubois a posté la version officielle, mais j'peux te dire que j'ai été banni sans le moindre avertissement. Soit prudent dans tes commentaires là bas.
    Sinon, belles figs, et félicitations pour la bonne nouvelle !


  2. Bon, j'ai appris par source-tiers que le système d'avertissement de DP9Forum ne fonctionnait pas, donc, même si je n'ai réellement reçu aucun avertissements, on peut en déduire que DP9 était sincère en prétendant m'en avoir envoyés.

  3. What happened there exactly? I've always known you to be fairly argumentative and combative, but I never saw you cross any lines per se. What posts did you get in trouble over?

  4. Honestly ? I don't know, supposedly there were many complaints, but since I never received any warnings prior to my ban, I can't point out any specific post. I have a few suspicions/guesses of course, but not really stuff I'd post in a public place, the one thing I can tell you though, is that I had been in their sights for a while.

  5. Hello, I'm an Korean(of course, South,.) and I've found your blog while googling. First of all, Happy new year and I wish you all the best.

    My friend and I are eager to get infos of HGB, There's no one who knows about this game and minis in Korea. Almost all of miniature gamers in Korea play Warhammer FB/40K, including me.:)

    So, if you don't mind, I'd like you to let me know some infos about HGB, especially models' quality and how to buy them. For example, your favorite on-line shops where you purchase from, model's actual size, injection quality, detail, and so forth.

    I'm sorry for bothering you and my poor english also. But I'll wait for your reply.

    p.s. My friend found CCG Armory's prices so good, but there are some complains that they seem to be have problems with shipping(delays or mistakes with shipping method that customer requires). I wonder if you or your friend had have some experience with them, good or bad, and if you don't mind let me know about them also.

  6. Hello Bluegazer! Well, I'll do my best to help you out and answer as many questions as I can.

    I've heard many people compare Heavy Gear favorably to W40K in that it has more depth: the army construction is more involved and there are more options. Also, it plays with concepts such as Electronic Warfare.

    As far as the models go, I'm usually very happy with them. There are some mold lines, but nothing you can't clean with a needle file. I'm assuming you are reasonably skilled as a modeller, so this should not scare you. The models look great when put together and always come with a variety of options. They are slightly bigger than 28mm models such as the ones from 40K. The scale is 1/144 or N-Gauge, so if you can find train models (buildings, trees, structures), you can use those.

    It should be noted that if you do have problems with your models, a simple email to the company will get you replacements parts withing a few days. That's better than most other companies out there.

    As far was where to buy, you can use the DP9 online store:

    Other stores will offer significant discounts and also have great service:

    Most of the time, the discounts these retailers offer are better than the deals you get from the DP9 online store, but at some times special deals come up that make it worth your while.

    If you're at all interested to learn more, I'd recommend signing up at the DP9 online forum which is very friendly and helpful.

    Last but not least, you can currently grab the rulebook's PDF at until tomorrow for only 10$, which is an incredible deal, since it's a very nice book.

    I hope this helps

  7. Thank you for your very kind reply! It's far above my expectation. My english is so poor as my modeling skill that I've made many mistakes in my last comment.:) I'm sorry about them.

    I like metal models but I had have some troubles with them, because of contractions especially. So I was a little scared about all-metal-lineup of HGB, but my fear was just groundless. It's very nice. Thank you.

    But I wonder if I can ask you just one more thing. You've recommended me two retailers, CCG armory and Noble Knight games, but I have no experience with them. Would you mind letting me know about their job, especially shipping? I've heard some complains about CCG armory's late shipping or mistakes on a web forum.

    I'm worried if I'm bothering you too much, but I'll appreciate so much if you help me a little more.


  8. I have used Nobleknight many times and they are very good. I have not tried CCG Armory yet, but their shipping and prices seem very good. Don't believe everything you read on a forum: one person complaining very loudly can really affect your perceptions. I suggest trying them for yourself.

  9. Oh, I'm sorry for my late reply. I've been a little busy lately. can say that. Complains are always louder than compliments. So I made an order from CCG armory several days ago, and my item is acrossing the American continent now:).

    Thank you for your kindness and helps again. Those was very helpful. I'll visit your blog now and then.