Friday, January 29, 2010

CCG Armory

I have never done business with these guys but I have read lots of bad things. Buyers beware.

Thread on the DP9 forum.

Some blog.

Really, people, watch out.


  1. Oh, god...I bought a Space Hulk set from them about a month ago, and received it on time without any problems, so I thought they're not so bad as rumors. But maybe I have to change my thinking about them.

    The blog's post you linked is also very shocking. I think I have to tell my friend about this.

  2. I have not had experience with them, but something came up on the DP9 forums and I thought I would raise a red flag.

  3. Great blog. I wish I had found it sooner. I bought stuff from CCG just a week ago. Knocking on wood. I am a beginner and have learned quite a bit from reading through your experiences and techniques. I got some HG minis in 2003 and because of work, wife, etc. they are still in there original boxes. Now, I finally have time to open them up and commit some time. Keep up the great blog.