Sunday, May 3, 2009

Towards a complete OPSEC Cadre, Part 1

I've been working on my OPSEC Cadre for the HG squad painting contest.

One of the Snake Eye Black Mamba is done already. I have two Chameleons (one of them with a stinging surprise) that are coming along nicely.

So here is the second SE Black Mamba. First, with base colors and blacklining done. I want this one to look really crisp:
Second here is the same mini with the edge highlights done. I'm much happier with this one than with the first one, where there was much more streaking.
But it's not always easy to paint when you have to keep fighting off intruders who like the smell of paint.


  1. Paint sniffing cats are a minis painter's nightmare.

  2. Quel beau chat!

    Semble plus sociable que Merlin!

  3. I have the same problem, cat comes always when you need precision. Bloody cat!!! Do not touch this...!!!!! And boom !